Friday, September 10, 2010

here are some reviews/write ups about the record/release show last month:

Pittsburgh City Paper Article

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Article

Dusted Review:
Possibly posthumous rager (they’re missing a drummer that can play like the guy on this record) from a Pittsburgh youth rock trio, steeped in grunge and the indifference that leads to chaotic-good chopbusting noise. Lots of chunky palm-mute guitar, lots of explosive drumming, lots of locking in on simple themes, and really, that is all this sort of music needs to qualify as a success. They get a lot of mileage out of two notes and some tension (“Dry Skin,” seemingly about two friends who used to get high together, and the other one just kept on going while our narrator moved on), recalling of-that-moment bands like Nirvana B-sides (still the standard-bearer for this type of shit), Kittens, earlier Soundgarden (their “Kate” is a polite, thankful sendup of “Full On Kevin’s Mom,” stripped down to 55 seconds), and Helmet. You don’t think about this kind of music; you just get into it and get out. Which is probably all the Fitt expects of you. Let’s hope they reform and continue to slam it out as soon as possible. Not many of these to go around, so step lively. White vinyl, lurid sleeve.
(Doug Mosurock)

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